10 essential public health services in the USA

The strength of a public health system rests on its ability to effectively deliver 10 essential public health services. We are going to share 10 essential health services with you which are as follows.

10 essential public health services

10 essential public health services

  1. Assess and monitor population health.
  2. Investigate, diagnose and address health hazards and root causes.
  3. Communicate effectively to inform and educate.
  4. Strengthen, support, and organize communities and partnerships.
  5. Create, champion, and enforce policies, plans, and laws.
  6. Use legal and regulatory functions.
  7. Enable Equal Access.
  8. Build a diverse and skilled workforce.
  9. To improve and innovate through evaluation, research, and quality improvement.
  10. Build and maintain a strong organizational infrastructure for public health.

Ten Essential Public Health Services Provide a framework for public health to protect and promote the health of all people in all communities.

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To achieve optimal health for all, essential public health services actively promote policies, systems, and services that enable good health and seek to remove barriers and systemic and structural barriers – such as Poverty, racism, gender discrimination, and other forms of oppression – that have given rise to health inequalities.

Everyone should get a fair and just opportunity to achieve good health and well-being.

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