How to download Free PUBG Mobile lite on Android and IOS 2023?

There was a time when PUBG games used to be very popular in the whole world as well as in India and later this game was also banned by the Indian government. But now this game has come to India again and this time its official version and lite version has also come. This Lite version is Pubg Mobile Lite. But do you know how to download this version of Pubg Mobile Lite? If you do not know, then we will tell you how to download PUBG lite.

download Free PUBG Mobile lite

Often a lot of people want to know How to download pubg lite because some people like to play Pubg Lite more than play Pubg but they do not have information about downloading it. Therefore, today’s blog is completely written on the topic of how to download special Pubg Lite, by reading this you will be able to know how to download Pubg Lite. Also, what is Pubg Lite? Will tell you a little bit about this too. Let us then know how to download PUBG mobile lite.

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What is Pubg Lite?

Pubg Lite is a short-function shooting action battleground game from the official PUBG which can be easily played on a 1GB smartphone. This game is similar to Pubg but the lite version has less game size and fewer features are present. The main mission of this game is to survive on an island and protect yourself from other players. This game can be played very easily with friends and relatives.

GamePubg Mobile Lite
Size900+ MB
PublisherTencent Games
AvailableAndroid & IOS

How to Download PUBG Mobile Lite

We will tell you How to download PUBG Mobile lite but before that, you should know that you cannot download it from Play Store. This game is not available on the play store. So we will tell you how to download this game with the help of any other website. Let us then know how to download PUBG Lite. We have shared all the steps related to this topic with you below.

Step 1:- First of all open Google on your phone and search by typing Pubg Lite Download.

Step 2:- After this, you will see a website named Sabhihindime on which you have to click.

Step 3:- As soon as you reach this website, you will see the Blue color download button on which you have to click.

Step 4:- As soon as you click on this download button, a pop-up will appear on the screen out of which you have to click on Download Anyway. 

Step 5:- So as soon as you click on this option, Pubg Lite will start downloading as you can see in the picture given below.

The game download will be done easily after following this process but what will you do if the game is not installed on your phone? If you also face problems while installing the game, then you have to enable the option of Unknown Sources by going to the settings of your smartphone. After this, the game will be installed on your phone.

In the option of Unknown Sources, you will find the Security section under Settings on the smartphone.

What are the features of PUBG Lite?

So you know how to download PUBG mobile lite, well let us now know what are the main features of this game. The features of Pubg Lite are described as follows.

  • Pubg Mobile Lite is an action shooting game in which 60 players take part simultaneously.
  • It can be played on both Android and iOS devices.
  • This game can be played easily on PC and Laptop also.
  • This game is available in 12 different languages.
  • Even this game can be played with HD graphics. 
  • The size of the game is less than 1 GB, so it can be played easily even on a 1 GB smartphone.

Here are some of the main features of this game that we told you about. Apart from this, there are many features of this game, which you will come to know only when you play the game yourself.


How to download PUBG Mobile lite You must have come to know this very well after reading this article completely. Many people face problems in downloading PUBG Lite, so we have shared all the things step by step with you. Along with this, what is PUBG Lite, and what features have also been told? Hope you liked the article. If you like the article then do share it.

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