How to Download BGMI (BattleGround Mobile India) Apk and File 2023?

Today we are going to talk about BGMI ( BattleGround Mobile India ), what is BGMI? BGMI ( ( BattleGround Mobile India ) APK, How to Download OBB File, How to play BGMI, will tell you about all the settings of BGMI so that you will become a good player and easily win the game, read this post carefully. Will tell you such Tips and Tricks by which you can also become a Pro Player.

How to Download BGMI (BattleGround Mobile India) Apk and File?

You must have known about PUBG, it is a Battle Royale game. It was made by Korea’s company Krafton and China’s company Tencent was its subsidiary, but the Indian government found that the Tencent company in PUBG is collecting data of Indian users and sharing it with China, which could threaten India. . China could have used the data received from PUBG in terrorist activities, keeping all these things in mind, India banned PUBG as well as banned 118 other apps of China on 2 September 2020.

And for this reason, Jay Krafton launched the clone of PUBG, which was named BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) and this game has been made only for India. So let’s know about BGMI, how to download and play BGMI ?

What is BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India)?

BGMI ( BattleGround Mobile India ) is a game designed for mobile. Which is made only for India. Which is made by South Korea’s company Krafton. The concept of this game is such that there are full 100 players in an innings, in which a team of 4-4 players is formed.

He has to jump from an airplane on an island, and after reaching the island below, pick up supplies like Guns, Helmets, Energy Drinks, etc., so that he can kill other players and his team can survive until the last. After some time Blue Zone also comes in this, if you are in the Blue Zone area then your player’s health starts decreasing. The team that survives to the last wins.

Why is BGMI created?

PUBG Mobile was made by Krafton Company, which is a South Korean company. As soon as the IT Ministry of India banned Pubg, the company suffered a lot because many populations of India used to play this game. This mobile game was very popular among Indian gamers. Due to this, the Krafton company decided that it will launch a new game in India which will be exactly like PUBG and this game will not have any relation with Tencent company and China. Due to this, the Government of India will also not have any problems regarding privacy.

BGMI Pre Registration

Krafton first started pre-registration of the BGMI game on the Play Store, whoever has done pre-registration of Bgmi will get outfits for their player as soon as the game is launched. If you had done pre-registration too, then you would have got outfits too. After that Krafton gave early access to Bgmi, which you could test the game by downloading it from the Play Store, and if there was any problem, you could mail it to Krafton so that it could improve its game.

When did BGMI launch?

On July 2, 2021, Krafton launched a new game called BGMI in India. It is almost the same as PUBG. In this, Blood Colour, Guns Name, etc. has been changed a lot, the rest of the concepts are similar to PUBG.

What is the full form of BGMI?

You must be wondering what is the full form of Bgmi, so let us tell you about it.

Just as the full form of PUBG was ‘ Player Unknown Battleground ‘, similarly BGMI will also have some full form, so let us tell you that the full form of BGMI is ‘ Battleground Mobile India ‘. Since this game is specially made for India, it also has India in its name.

How many MB is BGMI?

Most people in India use Android Mobile Phones and many users have less RAM on their mobile but they also want to play BGMI. Keeping all these things in mind, BGMI has been made to have as little MB as possible. So that this work can be played easily even on phones with RAM. BGMI is 742 MB and your mobile must have at least 2Gb RAM to run it. 

BGMI has had more than 10 million downloads on Google Play Store in just a few months, so you can get an idea of ​​how high the craze for this game is.

Is there a ban in BGMI India?

If you talk about the BGMI game on today’s date, then BGMI has been banned again in India and has also been removed from Play Store. Earlier, PUBG was closed, now again BGMI.

But if you still want to play the BGMI game then download both APK and OBB files below and you can play using VPN free.

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Is it safe to play BGMI in India?

You must know this thing that the BGMI game has been banned in India and because of this game is now illegal in India if someone wants to play it.

If we talk about safe, then it is not safe at all, playing this game on today’s date, you can play any other game like Free Fire Max, COD, etc.

How to Download BGMI?

If you want to play BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) on your mobile then you have to download this game first. It is very easy to download, you can download it for free from Google Play Store. Install the Battlegrounds Mobile India game download on your mobile by clicking on the link given below.

Disclaimer: BGMI game is banned in India. That’s why you will not get to download BGMI in the Play Store. If the restriction is lifted again you can download it again. But if you want to download APK, then the download link is given below.

How to Download Apk and Obb File?

When some people of BGMI got early access, then many websites were getting downloaded even before the launch of BGMI. In this, you had to download the apk and Obb file of BGMI, later the Obb file had to go to File Manager and paste it into Android. Friends, it can also be Apk and Obb File Modified, which can also contain any virus. Therefore it is not safe. Obb File Any Doc. No, there are a lot of coded files in it which help in running the game and keep it connected to the server.

How to play the BGMI game?

First, we talk about the gameplay of BGMI, and how to play BGMI. Let us now tell you to step by step how to play BGMI.

Step 1. If you have not installed your BGMI on your mobile then go to the play store and search for BGMI and download it.

Step 2. Now open the game and log in with your Facebook account or Twitter account.

Step 3. After login, it will ask you whether you are 18 years or more, then click on Yes. After that you will be told that this is a fantasy game, you have to keep clicking on Ok.

Step 4. Now you will come to the main screen of the game. Here you will also see the Start button, the name of the MAP will be written below it, by clicking on it you can download and select the map. Now click on Start, and you will reach a ground from where in 30 seconds you will reach the lobby i.e. the plane. 

Wherever you want to land, you can land by clicking on Jump.

Step 5. You land in such a place where there are many houses, as soon as you land, you have to enter the house and loot all the necessary things like Guns, Armor, etc. so that you can kill other people.

Step 6. Now that you have looted all your Supplies, now we tell you the controllers of BGMI so that you can kill Enemies in BGMI.

BGMI Controllers 

Now let’s talk about how to play BGMI, and how to control BGMI. We have told you above about the concept of BGMI, but when you will loot all the supplies and are ready to attack, then we will talk about how to attack, and how to survive. First, we tell about the controllers of BGMI.

Step 1. You see the first number controller. With it, you can walk and run back and forth and the player’s direction changes when you rotate it left and right. You release this button by moving it upwards, which will turn to sprint on so that your player will continue to move forward automatically.

Step 2. You can fire from the option shown on number two. This icon is both on the Left and Right, you can fire from both of them.

Step 3. You can change your gun from the number you see on the number three in the photo. You can single out your gun’s firing speed by clicking on the Auto icon. So that only one piece of Ammo will run at a time, if you do not want to do so, then leave it on Auto.

Step 4. On the fourth number, you will see the icon of the grenade. If you picked up a grenade while looting, it will appear here, by clicking on this icon you can use the grenade.

Step 5. In the photo, you will see the icon of bullets on number five. When your gun runs out of bullets, you can reload your gun by clicking on this icon. 

Step 6. You will see the Jump icon in the number six in the photo, by clicking on it you can jump and two more icons will be visible next to it, by pressing it you can sit and lie down.

Step 7. On number seven, you will see an icon like a net, by clicking on it you can use the Scope attached to your gun. Due to this, you can easily see the enemies coming from far away.

Step 8. On number 8, you will be seeing the icon of the map, by clicking on it you will be able to see the complete map of where you are and where are your teammates.

Step 9. On the number nine, you will see an EYE icon. On rotating, you will be able to see around your player, without having to move your player.

Step 10. On number ten, you will see the Mic icon, which you can turn on and talk to your teammate. And by clicking on the speaker above it, you can listen to the talk of teammates. 

Step 11. If you do not want to talk by speaking, then the icon appearing on Number Eleven is of great use to you. By clicking on it, you can chat with your friends while playing the game. 

Step 12. As soon as you click on the number 12 icon, you will see Health Kit, Energy Drink, etc. Whenever your health is low, you can use the health kit by clicking here.

Step 13. On the number Thirteen, you will see a bag, by clicking here all the supplies you have looted will be shown and whatever is not of your use, you can remove it by clicking on it.

BGMI Tips And Tricks

What we have learned about all the controllers of BGMI, now let us tell you some tips and tricks so that you can play BGMI well.

  • While picking up the gun, keep in mind whether you have also picked up the Ammo of that gun or not.
  • Always pick up two guns, one that can kill the nearby anime quickly and the other that has a good long range that can down the anime from a distance.
  • Before the arrival of the Blue Zone and Red Zone, go to a safe place from there.
  • When you land on the island, be the first to find supplies, kill the enemies around you, and keep a vehicle with you so that you can leave the zone quickly.
  • After some time of landing in BGMI, the drop falls from the plane which contains Advance Gun and Scope. While robbing him, keep in mind that you do not have any anime.

Who is called Pro Player in BGMI

When you start playing BGMI, you get daily tasks by completing which you can increase your level. On increasing the level, you also get many achievements. Due to this your RP also increases. The one who plays best is called Pro Player. 

How to remove setting in BGMI

By going to the setting of BGMI, you can increase many features and you can customize the icon in the game. To get the setting of BGMI, you have to click on the icon shown in the photo below.

  • Here you will get all the settings so that you will be able to adapt the game according to you.
  • By clicking on the graphics, you can increase the quality of the graphics of the game. 
  • By clicking on the controls, you can change the location of the controllers of the game at your convenience.
  • By clicking on the option of Vehicle, you can improve the controls of the car, or bike.
  • Similarly, you can manage all the settings from here. 

How to Transfer Account in BGMI

When PUBG was banned and BGMI was launched in its place, Krafton also gave the option of Account Transfer so that you will be able to transfer your PUBG account to BGMI. Due to this all your UC or Achievement in PUBG will be returned. Many people do not know how to transfer accounts from PUBG to BGMI. Let us now tell you how to do an account transfer in BGMI.

How to Transfer Account from Pubg to BGMI – As soon as you download and open BGMI, then login with the same Facebook or Twitter Id with which your account was created in Pubg. After logging in, you will get a Pop Up of Data Transfer, click on Yes, which will transfer all the data of PUBG to BGMI .

Note: If you want to download BGMI then from the play store because Apk and Obb file is not safe, they may have been modified by hackers and they may put any kind of virus on your mobile which will protect your privacy. maybe at risk.


How to download BGMI APK file?

To download the BGMI APK file, first, you have to go to Google and search for BGMI APK just click on the link at the top and download it. 
Or you can also download it by clicking on the download link above this post.

Is there a ban in BGMI India?

Yes, like PUBG, BGMI has also been banned in India.

Is it safe to play BGMI?

No, because the Government of India has banned this app, then there is definitely some problem, that’s why it has been banned. 
So if you want to play this app from APK then it is not safe at all.

What did we learn today?

Friends hope that you have liked this information today and learned how to download the BGMI game and how to play BGMI. If you like this information about BGMI, please tell us by commenting, to know similar information daily, turn on the notification of our blog, which will boost your knowledge.

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