Star Citizen Loaner Matrix: A Comprehensive Guide for Pilots

In the vast universe of Star Citizen, aspiring pilots often encounter various ships, each with its own unique features and abilities.

However, during the development and testing phases of the game, some ships are not yet fully implemented, leaving pilots without their anticipated vessels. To address this issue, the developers have introduced the concept of loaner ships, providing temporary replacements for those awaiting the release of their desired spacecraft.

This article delves into the intricacies of the Star Citizen Loaner Matrix, shedding light on this temporary ship loaning system and guiding pilots through their temporary flying experiences.

Star Citizen Loaner Matrix

What is the Star Citizen Loaner Matrix?

The Star Citizen Loaner Matrix is a system designed to provide temporary loaner ships to players who have backed specific ships during the development stages but are unable to fly them due to various reasons, such as ships being in the concept or production phase.

These loaner ships allow players to continue their exploration and gameplay experience while they wait for their desired vessels to be implemented.

How Does the Loaner Matrix Work?

The Loaner Matrix is a dynamic system that aims to ensure players have access to a ship that can fulfill the role and functionality closest to their pledged ship. While it is important to note that the specific loaner ships may change over time due to ship balance adjustments or ship releases, the primary goal is to offer players a ship that allows them to engage in similar activities and gameplay as their desired ship.

The loaner ships are carefully selected based on the features and roles of the ships players have pledged for. For example, if a player has pledged for a combat-focused ship that is not yet available, they may receive a loaner ship with similar combat capabilities. This ensures that players can still participate in combat scenarios and fulfill their role in the Star Citizen universe.


How can I check which loaner ship I have?

To check your loaner ship, you can visit the official Star Citizen website and navigate to your account page. There, you will find detailed information about your pledged ships and the corresponding loaner ships.

Can I customize or upgrade my loaner ship?

Loaner ships are temporary replacements and cannot be customized or upgraded. Their purpose is to provide you with a ship that allows you to engage in gameplay until your desired ship becomes available.

Will the loaner ship I receive be of equal value to my pledged ship?

Loaner ships are selected to offer functionality and gameplay as close as possible to your pledged ship. While they may not have the same exact value, they are intended to provide a comparable experience.

Can I use the loaner ship in any game mode?

Loaner ships can be used in various game modes, including Arena Commander and the persistent universe. However, the availability of loaner ships may vary depending on the specific game mode and development phase.

How often does the Loaner Matrix get updated?

The Loaner Matrix is regularly updated by the developers to ensure that players have the most appropriate and enjoyable temporary ship experiences. It is advisable to check for updates periodically to stay informed about any changes.


The Star Citizen Loaner Matrix is an essential component of the game’s development process, allowing players to continue their adventures while eagerly awaiting the release of their pledged ships. By providing temporary loaner ships that closely match the roles and functionalities of the desired vessels, the Loaner Matrix ensures that pilots can immerse themselves in the vast and thrilling universe of Star Citizen. So, buckle up, prepare for interstellar exploration, and enjoy your loaner ship as you navigate the stars.

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